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"We have known Colleen Hinds for 45 years.  She is a dedicated, energetic, competent and compassionate person.  We are proud to support Colleen's candidacy for House District 13." ~David and Debbie Lyman, Heron, MT

"I have known her for 25 years and have found her to be a responsible, caring individual who take anything she applies herself to with great pride."  ~Geri Lee, Heron, MT

"We have known Colleen Hinds for 40 years.  She is a ball of energy, all packed in with strength, compassion, and knowledge...with a huge dose of humor to boot.  She will bring all these traits to this job.  We wholeheartedly endorse Colleen for representative of HD13.  ~James Vadeboncoeur and Kathleen Ball

"We endorse Colleen Hinds for HD13 Representative. ~Rusti and Tobo Leivestad

"I have known Colleen Hinds for over twenty years.  I value her perspective and judgement." ~Lorne Riddell, Trout Creek, MT

"I have known Colleen for 40 years.  She is well-informed about issues important to our county and our state.  Because of her knowledge, kindness, compassion, and generosity, I proudly and strongly endorse Colleen in her efforts to serve Sanders County and the State of Montana." ~Deb Achatz, Trout Creek, MT

"I am pleased to add my name to a growing list of voters supporting Colleen Hinds.  I have known Colleen for decades.  Colleen has presented herself in a calm, professional manner in all situations in which we were involved together.  Colleen knows the Northwest Montana area and the residents that live here.  Colleen especially knows the medical needs in our rural area.  I wholeheartedly support Colleen Hinds in here quest to be District Thirteen's next State Representative." ~Mary Chaboya, Noxon, MT

Colleen has been a highly respected and compassionate healthcare professional for decades.  She is additionally a loving mother and grandmother, and an engaged community member.  We endorse her wholeheartedly.     -Mark and Diane Strohm Schumann

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