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Caring for people, connecting with people, committed to people

Who am I?  Colleen Hinds, born third in a clan of twelve siblings on a Minnesota farm.  I learned at a young age to share, help, care, negotiate, and entertain "the troops."

After nursing school I worked at the Houston VA, mainly with spinal injury patients from the Vietnam War.  When I looked into the hopeful eyes of a twenty year old paraplegic it broke my heart.  War is never the answer.

I left Texas with dreams of living in the mountains and Montana was marked on the map.  My partner, a Vietnam Vet, and I drove a 1961 Dodge Van all the way to Trout Creek, Montana.  The van needed repairs and we took a break at the North Shore Campground.

Enterprising, energetic, and perseverant attitudes enabled us to build a log cabin by hand and live without running water and electricity.  We were absolutely pleased with the results.  The best part was all the like minded people we met, a golden thread of connection to community.


It is this golden thread of community that I honor today.  It is a privilege to pursue public office.  I am here to listen.  Let's talk solutions.  Together we can do better.

CM Hinds


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