"I am not a politician.  I am a compassionate public servant.  My forty year career as a nurse in a small community hospital enabled me to help others in their time of greatest need.  I held the hands of many dear friends as they gave birth to a child, as they recovered from an illness, and as they transitioned out of this world.  I am incredibly blessed to continue being of service to others and learning how to represent Montanans the best I can."
Accessible and Affordable Health Services

Health care is a fundamental human right.  All Montanans deserve the security of accessible, affordable health care during their time of need. 

Health care is a multi-dimensional service; including body and mind.  It is important to include access to fresh, vibrant, nutritious food and the means to learn how to prepare healthy meals; routine physical exercise whether through gym membership, personal trainer, or self-guided; and a robust network of providers that include traditional Western medicine and non-traditional medicine as well as mental health services.  Montanans deserve access to all the resources that support a vibrant high quality life.


If the Covid-19 epidemic has taught us anything it is that we need to be prepared and able to readily provide services to those in need.  Rural hospitals need to be supported and their doors open for the communities they serve.  Likewise, rural ambulance services need to be supported to maintain up to date qualifications and supplies; enabling them to be the first line of care before people reach the nearest hospital.

Clean, Affordable, and Renewable Energy

The big picture of future energy needs...Montana is perfectly poised to lead the transition to clean, affordable, and renewable energy.  Renewable energy is a broad spectrum of resources including solar pv, solar water heating, wind, micro-hydro, biomass, geothermal, and tidal/wave energy.  This is an incredible economic opportunity for rural Montana communities to diversify their economies, create quality high paying jobs, increase energy independence and resilience.   Investing in clean, affordable, and renewable energy is investing in the future of Montana.

Public Lands In Public Hands

People visit Montana for the public lands.  People move to Montana for the public lands.  Generations remain in Montana for the public lands.  The vast expanse of National Forests, National Parks, National Recreation Areas, Wild and Scenic Rivers, State Parks, and State Lands in Montana are a treasure that belongs to all people and needs to be protected for future generations. 


Public lands support vibrant wildlife and fish populations, clean water and air, as well as our heritage of outdoor recreation.  Public lands fuel many rural economies by attracting out-of-state vacationers who want to experience our great lifestyle.  We enjoy a high quality of life, ample space to explore and adventure, because we have access to public lands.

Public land management has no place for corporations and wealthy trust funds.